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Adult Beverage Film Podcast

If you love great cinema, you will love hearing our hosts and special guests from the film industry (directors, writers, directors of photography, producers, actors, gaffers) talk about some of the best films and tv shows ever made.   In each episode, we discuss a new or old classic film with our mystery guests who speak freely about their thoughts on the work of art while we enjoy a few adult beverages along the way.  

 Our hosts:

Kent Smith (award-winning director, writer, producer) has worked in the film business on such shows as Homeland, Mr. Mercedes, Outcast, and feature films as Tusk, Max, and The Other Zoe.  He is the director of award-winning films, The Last Passport, Mike, and Little Package.  He brings his film knowledge to the table on each show. 
Patrick G. Keenan (award-winning actor), who you might have seen in Blind Side, Homeland, Tropical Cop Tales, Mike, and Little Package is no stranger to the stage, and he brings more jokes and tremendous knowledge to the already funny show.  

Laura Truman comes to the table with her fantastic laugh on life and incredible film knowledge (Film Critic and old school film collector). 

Carlisle "Squeaker" Hamrick (Audio Genius and the boy who hates everything) is maybe the smartest guy on the show, so you never know where he will bring the questions.   

Join us for some in-depth discussion about your favorite movies.

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Jul 25, 2023

Welcome to the Adult Beverage Film Podcast with special guest, Jack Solomon. In this episode, we dive headfirst into the groovy world of "Dazed and Confused." Set in the rebellious 1970s, the film follows a group of high school students on the last day of school, grappling with the promise of summer and all the adventures it holds. Join our host, film aficionados Kent, Patrick, Laura and Squeeker, as we dissect the mesmerizing performances of the young ensemble cast and the brilliant direction of Richard Linklater. 

From Matthew McConaughey's iconic "Alright, alright, alright" to Ben Affleck's quintessential bully, we'll share our favorite moments and unforgettable quotes. Pour yourself an adult beverage, kick back, and let's explore the nostalgic vibes and coming-of-age themes that make "Dazed and Confused" a timeless classic. We'll discuss the soundtrack filled with rock 'n' roll anthems and reminisce about our own high school days.

Get ready for laughs, insights, and some mind-blowing trivia about this cult favorite. Whether you're a fan of the film or a first-timer, this podcast promises to entertain, enlighten, and perhaps leave you feeling a little "dazed and confused" in the best possible way. So grab your favorite drink, press play, and let the movie magic unfold!


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